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Affected stakeholders

As used in this document, refers to those individuals and/or groups who may not be directly engaged in a WSI's activities but who may be directly affected by the WSI's activities and/or outcomes. See also stakeholders.

Political economy

The interplay amongst economics, politics, and law, and how institutions develop in different social and economic systems to manage the production, distribution, and consumption of resources. It includes issues such as the distribution of power and wealth among groups and individuals, and the processes that create, sustain, and transform these relationships over time. 

Public interest

The welfare of the general public (in contrast to the selfish interest of a person, group, or firm) in which the whole society has a stake and which warrants protection by the government. (Adapted from Businessdictionary.com) As used here, the public interest benefits of WSIs are directly linked to ensuring sustainable water management (see definition below).