What We Do

Submitted by admin on Tue, 08/25/2015 - 10:39

IWaSP is currently implementing 29 partnerships across 9 countries, involving more than 100 public institutions, companies, associations and representative bodies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and numerous community representatives. IWaSP has so far improved water security for over 860,000 direct and over 5.9m indirect beneficiaries. It has leveraged a total of over EUR6.4m in funding, with over EUR3.3m from the private sector, EUR1.8m from the public sector and EUR1.2 from the civil society.

IWaSP’s experience in implementing water stewardship partnerships is consolidated in the Water Risk and Action Framework (WRAF). The WRAF provides a platform to share insights with other actors and to draw on lessons learned for inclusion of all water users in the debate over water policies. Typical activities in the development and implementation of these partnerships are depicted in the graphic overleaf.

Key aspects which IWaSP contributes to this process include:

  • Convening multi-stakeholder workshops and building capacity for eye-level dialogue
  • Facilitating participatory water risk and solution assessments which are mutually credible through third-party verification
  • Enabling the development, implementation and performance management of multi-stakeholder action plans
  • Leveraging financial and technical resources from various stakeholders, including government, corporates and donors
  • Ensuring sustainability and inclusiveness of physical, institutional and behavioural change measures
  • Monitoring and evaluating partnership results and impacts
  • Stipulating the dissemination and integration of lessons learnt into public and corporate policy

IWaSP’s pool of experience is constantly growing and partners benefit from these latest insights into water security.