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10 Sep 2019
Water Action Hub 3.0 now online

Supported by GIZ’s IWaSP/NatuReS programme, a new online water stewardship knowledge sharing platform is now available for companies, organisations and other stewardship practitioners to tackle water risks more sustainably.


Dubbed the Water Action Hub 3.0, this website is a vital digital resource for best practices and lessons learned in water stewardship, and was developed by the Pacific Institute, working under the CEO Water Mandate, which is a UN Global Compact Initiative.


Visitors to this website can benefit by:


1. Accessing key, practical information about water stewardship projects around the world, as well as the organisations administering them.

2. Having a global forum to propose new stewardship projects and garner interest among potential partners. 

3. Increasing their exposure to other potential water stewardship partners, thereby increasing the chances for more collective water stewardship activities in general.


Other key features of the hub include the visual plotting of organisations and their water stewardship projects on a world map. Hub users can then filter the hundreds of listed projects by: country, region, type of project, SDG targets addressed, project status, the types of organisations involved, and other variables. 


Water Action Hub 3.0 aims to catalogue and raise awareness of the vast network of water stewardship projects around the world. In doing so, it inspires action, helps share best practice and innovative ideas, and promotes collaboration among the many different organisations committed to addressing the world's many water challenges. 

10 Sep 2019
International Water Stewardship Programme Annual Report 2018/2019

Throughout the course of the programme, from 2013 to 2019, IWaSP partner countries included: Ethiopia, Grenada, Kenya, Pakistan, Saint Lucia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. In these countries, the programme supported 38 partnerships and strategic cooperations, involving more than 180 public institutions, companies, associations and representative bodies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and numerous community representatives. As of the programme's end in March 2019, IWaSP and its partners have enabled water security for 2,722,179 direct beneficiaries, surpassing its goal of 1.25 million. Additionally, the programme also reached 10,134,960 indirect beneficiaries, surpassing its goal of 7.4 million. 

Download the full report here

22 Jul 2019
Kilimanjaro, Home to a Great Example of Water Stewardship in Action. And the Highest Mountain in Africa.

Hannah Baleta from the Pacific Institute wrote an interesting article on our involvement in the Usa River in Tanzania, and the Sustainable Water Management in Usa River (SUWAMA) partnership we support there. You can find the article here.

27 Feb 2019
LuWSI Website Launch

The Lusaka Water Security (LuWSI), one of our partnerships in Zambia, has launched its website, a platform that is used to share information and keep partners and the public updated on various LuWSI activities. The website constitutes a source of water security information and a platform for sharing news from the initiative while showcasing LuWSI projects. The website features in-depth background information, the vision, mission and action areas of LuWSI with various special project pages. LuWSI partners from the private and public sector and civil society are also represented on the website. The website is updated regularly with recent news, LuWSI activities and complements the quarterly LuWSI newsletter. For more information on the Lusaka Water Security Initiative, visit here.  

24 Sep 2018
Video: Mlalakua River Restoration Project (MRRP) in Tanzania

The Mlalakua River Restoration Project (MRRP) was a multi-stakeholder partnership that was initiated by GIZ’s International Water Stewardship Programme from 2013 to 2016. Two years after its close, MRRP stakeholders are still seeing benefits of the initiative and continue to improve their waste management practices. In this video, some of the main partners and key stakeholders in the project area share their thoughts on behaviour change, successes and challenges. How can good practices be up-scaled to other neighbourhood in Dar Es Salaam and Tanzania?

Find the video here.

Key MRRP collaborators included: GIZ’s International Water Stewardship Programme, the Global Environment &Technology Foundation (GETF), the Wami Ruvu Basin Water Board (WRBWB), the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC), Kinondoni Municipal Council (KMC), Coca Cola Sabco, Nabaki Afrika, Bremen Overseas Research Agency (BORDA), and Nipe Fagio.

Find an additional video on another collective action to protect Tanzania's water resources here.



03 Aug 2018
Annual Progress Report 2017: Executive Summary

In 2017, IWaSP was active in 29 partnerships spread out across nine countries: Ethiopia, Grenada, Kenya, Pakistan, Saint Lucia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. IWaSP improves water security for people across the globe by helping governments, businesses and civil societies form partnerships with each other to manage common, water-related risks. The goal is to provide lasting benefits to all groups involved, along with the communities they belong to. By 2019, IWaSP aims to improve water security, thus facilitating economic growth and reducing poverty, for 1.2 million direct beneficiaries and 7.3 million indirect beneficiaries.

Download the Executive Summary




13 Feb 2018
Video: Itawa Springs Protection Project

In Zambia, Itawa Springs is a significant source of fresh water for households and companies in the area. In this video learn how IWaSP is helping build long-lasting and effective partnerships between companies, officials and communities to ensure water is available for all stakeholders in the future.

19 Dec 2017
Annual Progress Report 2016: Executive Summary

In 2016, IWaSP commenced eight new partnerships, reaching 21 partnerships worldwide: IWaSP partnerships now represent key industries including beverage, agriculture, mining, retail and insurance. In these 21 partnerships, IWaSP cooperates with more than 80 partners from private and public sector, NGOs and community representatives and associations.

Click here to download the Executive Summary.

24 Nov 2017
IWaSP Mid-term Review Final Report

In late-2016, an external panel was engaged to conduct a mid-term review of IWaSP at the strategic and programmatic, country and partnership levels. The MTR included a 5-6 day visit to Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia - 4 out of the 9 IWaSP countries. Read more about IWaSP's progress here.

Click here to download the full Mid-term Review.