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.org: Strenghtening civil society

Submitted by Lynne Matthysen on Wed, 02/10/2016 - 22:21

IWaSP supports partnerships between government, companies and civil society to realise mutually beneficial activities which will result in sustainable water security for all. IWaSP is driven by plans of BMZ and DFID to relieve poverty, and operates in countries which have many communities living under the poverty line. IWaSP aims to directly improve water security for over one million people by 2018. It has a strong orientation to protect livelihoods and to improve the health of communities.

IWaSP also has the funding and mandate to build the capacity of civil society organisations to effectively engage in water stewardship and multi-stakeholder partnerships. It helps civil society organisations to:

  • develop new skills & tools to diversify their activities
  • improve social & environmental conditions
  • develop new & strengthened stakeholder relationships
  • improve credibility in representing communities
  • improve funding opportunities from third parties
  • improve exposure & influence on decision-making

IWaSP is working with civil society organisations to help these effectively collaborate with businesses and government authorities, as IWaSP encourages and supports the private sector in its role in maintaining water security.