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Submitted by Lynne Matthysen on Wed, 02/10/2016 - 22:20

IWaSP supports government authorities by mobilising private sector and civil society actors to help governments fulfill their mandates in water resources management, environmental protection and water supply services. The partnerships which IWaSP develops help public bodies to:

  • Improve planning, regulation, working practices & provision of services
  • Raise water security on the political agenda to improve funding for the water sector
  • Improve investment decisions & resource optimisation
  • Improve relations to communities and the private sector, increasing public/customer satisfaction
  • Develop new skills  & tools in managing shared threats to water security

By supporting companies to become good water stewards, IWaSP helps to reduce the impacts of the private sector on water resources. The stewardship approach that IWaSP promotes endorses corporate engagement in water governance, encouraging companies to actively engage in catchment councils and water user associations. This helps to strengthen these bodies and their implementation of national water policies.

As an honest broker, IWaSP is well-placed to facilitate partnerships between governments, companies and civil society which will benefit all. With its knowledge of partnerships and networks, IWaSP enables an integrated water resource management approach in which all stakeholders are encouraged to participate in water security activities as a joint venture. This builds on GIZ’s long history of working with governments and civil society around the world.

IWaSP also enables governmental water departments to raise the profile of local water threats and to include these in the national debate. By supporting public authorities to take a prominent role in responsible water risk management and to implement regulations, partnerships contribute to ensuring water quality, water delivery and environmental protection for nations.

As a global thought leader in water stewardship discourse, IWaSP also brings international best practices in water security to the debates within partnerships. By ensuring that the most effective national best practices are identified, and peer-to-peer learning and up-scaling is supported, IWaSP offers cutting edge expertise and sustainable solutions for water resource management.