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.com: Mobilising the private sector

Submitted by Lynne Matthysen on Wed, 02/10/2016 - 22:21

IWaSP supports businesses to reach their water security goals by helping businesses to:

  • understand the water sector in which they operate, and to assess water security risks and solutions
  • develop an effective water risk management strategy based on best international practice
  • build stakeholder consensus and motivation to support its water security objectives, mobilising multiple public, private and civil society actors
  • develop partnerships with government and civil society organisations to implement concrete infrastructure, ecosysystems and institutional projects to enhance water security
  • lever funds from multiple sources and to provide its own resources to support partnerships and projects
  • catalyse capacity-building of business, public sector and civil society staff to work together effectively
  • further enhance the policy enabling environment for effective partnerships

IWaSP draws on GIZ’s unparalleled experience, and its reputation of being a trusted and honest broker in the countries in which it works, to convene disparate stakeholders and to build collective action. Its experience in developing and implementing innovative water stewardship partnerships and multi-stakeholder approaches to water risk management helps businesses form effective partnerships and lasting and constructive stakeholder relationships.

With a strong and ever-growing network of collaborators across the globe, IWaSP is the partner of choice for private sector water stewardship projects. Twenty-five partnerships across seven countries, including 22 companies, 23 public institutions, three associations, seven NGOs and numerous other actors, demonstrates the demand for IWaSP’s water security services and expertise.

As a trusted advisor, one of the keys to our success is in building long-term relationships at both national and local levels. Our extensive history of working with civil society allows the development of long-term local networks which can help businesses attain and maintain long-lasting water security.

IWaSP partners also benefit from the latest insights gained on the ground through our constantly growing pool of expertise and experience. A systematic and experienced approach, known as the Water Risk and Action Framework, is applied across all IWaSP partnerships. This framework incorporates the latest lessons from various projects across the globe and is used to maintain international best practice. By gaining and sharing new knowledge across the globe, IWaSP remains at the cutting-edge of promoting collective action in water stewardship.