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30 Aug 2018
Stockholm World Water Week: Water Stewardship - Partnership and Financing Models for Scale

This event brings together several catalytic organizations and initiatives to discuss the power of partnerships in accelerating stewardship outcomes. With a shared vision on how water stewardship can contribute to water security, these initiatives are increasingly exploring mechanisms for collaborative and concerted action, with the aim of scaling up impacts.

The event, aligned with the overall World Water Week theme of water, ecosystems and human development, aims to present country-level examples of water stewardship networks and the synergies established across stakeholder groups, discuss how innovative financing models can drive sustainability of solutions, identify key factors for the effective design and delivery of programs, with a focus on scale, and develop a joint action plan for further collaboration to enhance the impacts of stewardship initiatives.

Download the Flyer here.

Date and Time: Thursday, 30 August 2018, 2 pm - 3.30 pm

Location: NL Pillar Hall, Stockholm World Water Week

Convened by Alliance for Water Stewardship, CEO Water Mandate, IWaSP, wbcsd, WWF, World Bank Group, 2030 Water Resources Group

29 Aug 2018
Stockholm World Water Week - Water Stewardship Collaboration for the Textiles Sector

WWF, HSBC, GIZ and the CEO Water Mandate will be hosting a session on water stewardship and the textiles sector on Wednesday 29 August at 16.00 CET at World Water Week. The session will explore the business-critical role of water for textiles, the compelling business case for multi-stakeholder action beyond factory level, and the potential for scaling up change through collaboration across sector and with government. It will also feature insights from H&M, PVH, Tommy Hilfiger and CNTAC (the Chinese National Textiles Association). The audience will discuss suggestions put forward by speakers and vote in person or online for their preferred roadmap to change - and a white paper will be published based on the findings.

More information on the session can be found here, and it will be available to watch as a livestream with voting here.

Date and Time: Wednesday, August 29th, 4 – 5:30 PM

Location: NL Music Hall, Stockholm World Water Week

Convened by GIZ, WWF, CEO Water Mandate and HSBC


05 Jun 2018
Conference - Water Stewardship for Sustainable Hydropower, 5-8 June 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

Though less than one-third of Africa’s hydropower potential has been realised, today’s growing need for power is challenged by water scarcity, and must be managed sustainably. This event explores how various water stewardship approaches can add value to existing models of hydropower development and operation.

This event includes a one-day conference as well as a series of pre- and post-conference workshops that provide additional insights and in-depth dialogue on specific themes. There will also be a field visit to a hydropower facility in the region.

Please contact for more information.

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